Traveling, immersed in a strange land, I see with new eyes. Stripped of familiar routines, the magic of each camera-ready moment is indelible, each image a story to share. The resulting layers of film, poetry and painting reflect experiences from a brimming life of impressions.

My work is influenced by a lifelong career as an international artist. As a textile artist for ten years, I worked half of each year roaming all over Asia and India. Following that, seven years as a fashion designer sent me overseas to work with design teams in 46 different countries. For the last nine years, I circled the globe writing and filming documentaries for an international client base including Nike, Pepsi, Levi Strauss, Sony and Disney.

Sharing cultures with artists, designers and movers & shakers from all over the world is a great blessing. All the people I have the good fortune to learn from, and to share time and treasures together humbles me.

The opportunity to travel for your job is a gift. So far I’ve logged over 3 million miles around the planet, reflecting the epiphanies of the voyage. If we are all the sum total of our experiences, I’ve come to the personal conclusion that the journey is the destination and my artwork is the map.